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Tecnologia avanzada para Producción de Cultivos

Movile Tables for the transport of cultures

Our system is probably the best system in technology for the production of cultures  and the base to obtain a high quality cultivation and best performance. It works by means of tables that can move easily in both two directions fairly quickly and without effort a great number of plant cultivation to optimize the different climatic zones either in or outdoors. These tables are totally adaptable to any installation and in any case we do a previous study of the available space and of the needs of every producer. The tables, racks and devices are made totally in aluminum and choosing different types of bottoms according to the culture.

How the system of cultures transportation works

Once the planting and seeding has been done, the tables are moved to the desired climate zone by means of the transporting tracks having very efficient and long lasting rollers on which the tables slide and we can move transversely.

Once we arrive to the desired zones by means of four elastic actuators, we place the culture in the suitable place.

Working zones

Some zones and reserved for the planting and seeding chopping, traffic, sowing from cuttings and others with the best comfort. In order to work safely and with comfort, the tables can be lifted by means of a two level rack, to the desired height.


The mobile tables salide through a Guide Rails that are supported on concrete plaques that because of theirs high stability they do not need any ground anchorage, for is completely detachable  and easy to build.

Water savings

The Transport of Cultures System allows the rigorous and adequate use of the water that comes from the irrigation sprayers and drippers. By means of a system of withdrawal and channeling of the remaining water of the irrigation, our system proceeds to store, once treated, to a reservoir in order that it could be used again by the same irrigation means.


Both the maintenance and the consumption that generates this installation is practically null. It consumes neither electricity, nor gas, nor diesel oil ... simply little compressed air that can be provided by a simple compressor for what we get, at the same time, the respect of the environment.


This System of Transport of Cultures is the basic instrument on which we will optimize the best cultivation technologies and it will allow us to automate the different processes to the wished level.

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This system allows a large work functionality adjustable to each type of production

Our rail carriers occupy the same space while maximizing facilities. Easy and comfortable to handle to achieve high-speed transport of large numbers of tables.

Details of our unique tracks. This system allows quick and easy, both the assembly and disassembly of the same, because the user has an instantaneous displacement if necessary, either to increase workspace to transfer to another place.


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